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leading with contagious courage

My mission is to inspire men and women to embrace the fear of the unknown and jump into their God-given purpose.

For 25 years I’ve shared life-transforming and scripture-based principles in NFL locker rooms, churches, and board rooms. In doing so, I’ve helped people discover their God-given purpose and overcome their fears, and whatever else is holding them back.


I have quite the story to share with you. It's powerful! But it can also be yours. A story of journeying with pain, failure, grief, and uncertainty only to discover the gifts of renewed trust, active waiting, hard work, and ultimately my God-given purpose.

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"The best speakers impart truth while being authentic and relatable. People don't want to hear from someone who pretends to have it all together and has all the answers. Kent has the rare ability to make complex spiritual truths simple; yet, he makes the simple profound. Don't be surprised if you experience "light bulb" moments and walk away knowing how to put truth into practice."

Dr. Sean Holland, Director of Transformational Leadership, One Love Global

Dr. Sean Holland

'Do It Afraid' Book

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About Kent

Kent was invited by Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin, to join the staff of Athletes in Action and serve as an NFL Chaplain.


He is a Pittsburgh native and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Student Ministry from Geneva College and Master's in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. After serving for 22 years as a Pastor in the local church context, Kent now enjoys speaking in various faith-driven settings to inspire and equip people to embrace the fear of the unknown so they can jump into their God-given purpose. He values most being a husband to Erica and a dad to their three daughters.

Kent Chevalier
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Kent's Talks

Do It Afraid: Jumping Into Your God-Given Purpose

Many of us have something we’d love to accomplish, but there is always an excuse for not doing it. A dream in our gut we’d love to turn into a reality. A God-given opportunity within our grasp, but the risk seems too great and something is holding us back.


This keynote is an extraordinary story of God redirecting my life’s purpose. In this talk, your audience will learn foundational truths and practical steps to give them the confidence to jump.



Leadership does not have to be lonely, but it takes a focused dedication to building a culture that your team desires to be loyal to alongside you. A leader can have a clear vision, but if that leader fails to create a contagious and healthy culture for their team, they’ll most likely end up leading only themselves and not accomplishing their vision.


In this talk, you and your team will learn seven commitments that every leader must make to create and contribute to a refreshing culture. I will share the valuable lessons that I have learned over 25 years of leading staff and volunteers in the local church and serving as a Chaplain in the NFL.


L.E.A.P. Before You Jump: Making WISE and Courageous Decisions

Many of us know someone who did not look before they leaped. Maybe that someone is you. That choice led to unnecessary heartache and regret. Financially. Relationally. Vocationally. When making a life-altering decision, nobody wants to fall, but not everybody plans to fly.


In this breakout, you will learn four practical and faith-filled steps to embrace wisdom before you jump.


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