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False Jesus is Here

This is False Jesus, a monthly newsletter discussing cultural misconceptions about Jesus and Christianity.

I believe many people make decisions about the Christian faith based on a False Jesus. I’m convinced that too many are deeply misinformed about the true Jesus but don’t care enough or don’t know how to examine His claims and teachings. Many rely on a podcast, pastor, teacher, or parent to teach them who Jesus is, but they don’t put the work in to discover who Jesus is for themselves.

As a current NFL Chaplain and former Church Pastor for 25 years, I am on a mission to invite people to not take my word for it (or anyone else’s) but to discover the character, ways, and mission of Jesus for themselves.

I could teach you everything there is to know about riding a bike. I could show you how to pedal and balance, but until you get on that bike yourself and experiment to see if what I’m teaching is actually true, you’ll never fully know if what I am teaching is actually true or false.

I follow Jesus and embrace Christianity, not because I was taught to do so. I was challenged to examine Jesus and Christianity for myself. Once I did, I discovered that many things I once learned or thought were not true. The more I examined, the more I discovered that Jesus never said half of the stuff I was scared into believing.

My point is this. Do not take anyone’s word for it. Examine Jesus and Christianity for yourself. Let’s journey together.


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