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Pushing Pause

It has been one year since I started writing and recording this ‘False Jesus’ project. I have loved exploring cultural misconceptions of Jesus and Christianity with you this past year while digging into what Jesus had to say about Himself and these issues.

However, I’ve decided to push pause on this little passion project.

To be honest, I just need a break from writing and teaching. At 45, I’m recognizing that I cannot keep the pace I did when I was 35 and even 40. Especially after the pandemic and living the rhythm of my new role in ministry, I’m learning that I have to pace myself for maximum impact.

Erica and I are celebrating 25 years in full-time ministry this year! During that time, we have never taken an extended break away from ministry. Some call this a sabbatical. While we can’t afford to go away for a couple of months like some do (for multiple reasons and especially our phase of life), we are going to take an extended break from all the “extra” in our lives to slow down the pace for this month before our next big push of ministry.

‘False Jesus’ is one of those extra things I really enjoy doing, and sometimes even the good things need to be laid down on the altar to find an even better rhythm of a Jesus-centered lifestyle. I don’t know how long this pause will be, but I do know that the Holy Spirit will whisper to me if or when I’m to pick ‘False Jesus’ back up from the altar.

Until then, please continue to test anything you see and hear about God, Jesus, and Christianity against the Scriptures. Don’t take anyone’s word for it until you run it through the holy grid of what God has already revealed in the Bible. Keep searching after the true Jesus of the Bible and don’t settle for a cultural False Jesus.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

God bless you.


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